GIG Logistics Now In Ghana

In September 20, 2019
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The increase in mobile technology and adoption is constantly dictating the way people transact. Mobile technology has had a positive influence on the growth of e-commerce. Consumers want an Omni-channel for shopping, where they have a bouquet of options, at a good price from the proximity of their fingertips. The growth of e-commerce, however, poses one challenge; “Delivery”. If consumers are not moving because purchases are made virtually, goods then have to travel from multiple pickup locations, including distribution centres, warehouses or stores, to multiple destinations, eventually reaching the end-users.

One of the less often thought about components of the digital and retail revolution is exactly how customers and businesses will receive products. To keep up with increasing demand from e-commerce channels and meet the expectations of consumers, organizations will need to invest in their warehouses and distribution centres as well as increase the development and implementation of advanced supply chain and logistics processes. The last-mile delivery option; traditionally the most important part of the journey of every product is thus multiplied because of the ever-growing adoption of e-commerce.

Following its drive to be the leading logistics company in Africa, GIG Group’s logistics arm, GIGL has expanded its reach to Ghana with a focus on bringing its best-in-class services into the lucrative Ghanaian market using its indigenous Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) solution “Agility Systems “ which helps the company drive efficiency, eliminate errors, reduce cost and increase the speed of delivery as well as provides maximum support for its users. Local businesses can still afford to compete on logistics and delivery and that is something GIG Logistics is going to solve, leveraging on its use of technology to drive innovation in the logistics sector and its 8-year track record in Nigeria and overseas as it embarks on its Africa wide domination.

Logistics and delivery play a significant role in business and is among the top drivers of digital transformations. 72% of businesses say that improving customer experience is their top priority. In a product’s journey from warehouse shelf to customer doorstep, the “last mile” of delivery is the final step of the process. GIGL seeks to improve the customers experience through efficient, speedy and reliable deliveries’ Adenaike, COO of GIGL.

In Nigeria, GIGL has a system that enables last-mile delivery anywhere across the country. The system comprises its ERP application, “AGILITY” as well as 85 locations across Nigeria, and a fleet management operation that powers delivery for its B2B and B2C customers. With five locations, East Legon, Circle, Takoradi, Kumasi and Tamale already opened, GIGL Ghana is making a play for both start-ups and large enterprises.

“We see a huge potential in Ghana. We are focused on delivering excellence by bringing our years of local and international logistics experience to play in the country” Ayo Adenaike.

The logistics sector has a huge potential in improving the e-commerce landscape. GIGL is primed to grow the e-commerce sector in Ghana by providing support with its highly optimized operations, which will target end-to-end logistics, from pick-up to delivery.

“A GIGL (Mobile) app is in the process of being launched. The app is designed to give users a seamless experience when it comes to delivery.  This application is wired to virtually manage the entire logistics cycle from pricing to pick up and delivery. Once a request is made, and the price is determined, the app locates the nearest partner to pick up the shipment for delivery.

“Analysis on the trade sector in Ghana reflects the growing potential of the logistics market. Technology is changing the world at an astronomical pace. “With the emergence and adoption of Artificial intelligence, the future of logistics is limitless.  At GIGL, we are deliberate about pioneering the future of new logistics heavily facilitated by technology in Africa” Chidi Ajaere Executive Chairman, The GIG Group

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