GIGL cutting-edge medical courier services enables us to offer personalized healthcare logistics solutions to hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical industries. We understand the extreme sensitivity and time critical nature of the shipments they carry. Our extensive fleet and dispatch services allows us to improve turn-around times and helps you save on courier related expenses.

Avoid the pressures and complexities of getting your supplies to its destination by taking advantage of GIGL healthcare logistics solutions. Our highly-trained professionals deliver medical supplies and precision equipment to a wide variety of medical facilities. We offer expedited delivery services for hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and research facilities.

Safety and quality service is paramount to us, hence we conduct regular training drills and assessments for our drivers to ensure they are in complete compliance, not only with our standards, but also those of the government and the client we are working for.

With GIGL live tracking services you can monitor your shipment from pickup to delivery.

So, if you've got a time critical delivery you need to make, don't hesitate to contact us. To ensure quality service delivery and customer satisfaction we take pains to ensure your package is well secured and delivered in the shortest possible time.

When speed isn’t your only priority, maximize your transportation budget with our reliable, cost-effective road shipment service from GIG Logistics. Signup now and we will get in touch with you


When it comes to working with the medical or healthcare sector, several elements of our business come into play. Without them, organization is practically impossible and punctuality is hit and miss. We understand these concepts and takes great pride in embracing these elements and making them the essence of our company. They include:

  • Urgent and punctual delivery
  • Trained drivers knowledgeable in all procedures and protocols
  • Meticulous record keeping, including chain of custody and driver documentation
  • Professional customer service
  • Guaranteed, on time delivery times
  • Secured packaging for fragile equipments

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