Mail room services according to findings has helped growing companies cut down on additional overhead, and provide additional security.

Outsourcing mail room services helps businesses better manage resources while improving productivity and efficiency. GIGL Mail room Services include both document scanning and document capture technologies to create digital copies of incoming mail. We also offer standalone services providing automation of the process of receiving, sorting, packaging and distribution of incoming or outgoing mails.

This service caters to companies that often have a need for inter-office mail delivery. Our couriers can pick up and disperse office mail on a daily or twice daily basis; following your explicit instructions or requirement. Security is a key factor in our Mail room Management Services hence we insist on thorough mail screening to ensure your mail is secure before distribution into the wider business..

GIGL Mail Room Services Offers

  • Improved overall information management by centralizing the storage and distribution of important business documents, reducing lost information and lost time retrieving misplaced documents
  • Complete mail room staffing nationwide in one or more locations.
  • Cost savings by optimizing utilisation of mail room assets and staff
  • Efficient and Express¬†Parcel Delivery Services
  • Automated inbound and outbound mail sorting.
  • Accountable mail tracking and management.
  • Mail handling equipment maintenance.
  • Mailing list management.
  • Effective integration between the mail room and the print room
  • Personalized Courier Services.
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