When it comes to going the last mile to deliver that package, GIG Logistics Remote Location delivery solutions has got you covered.
Thanks to our extensive network, we can help you reach customers and suppliers even in rural or difficult to access locations where most delivery companies in Nigeria refuse to go.

This is part of our initiative to provide the best delivery service available to you. Although providing delivery service to and from less populated or accessible domestic and international areas carries an overhead cost. GIG Logistics Remote Location delivery rate have been carefully assessed to more accurately reflect the cost of offering this service to those areas.

A delivery address can fall under a remote location category if the courier's nearest pickup center is very far (or further away than normal) from the delivery address location.

How Our Remote Location Delivery Service Standout

  • We have a vast worldwide network of professionals specialized in all types of delivery to any part of the world
  • We provide specialized and customized packaging solutions to your shipping needs.
  • We guarantee delivery times, estimated with you
  • We provide live tracking services for your shipment
  • Proficient customer service reps on standby to attend to your inquiries.

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